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How do I know if you can help me?

We -- you and I -- won't know, at least not at first. Therapy is a relationship and by the end of the first session, we should have a pretty good idea if we think we can work together -- if we are a good fit.
You're already wondering if therapy would be helpful by taking these first steps of searching on-line to find a therapist. The next step is to Get in Touch. 

If you ever are thinking or feeling that I'm not the right therapist for you, please let me know. I would be happy to provide you with referrals. This is a big undertaking and you want to work with the therapist who is right for you.  


What happens during the first session?

Amazingly, between the appointment phone call and the appointment, problems sometimes go away! So the first appointment might be a conversation wondering about that success and how it happened! Knowing how and what you did will put you in a good position to do it again.

The majority of the first session is usually about getting to know each other -- we do need to determine if we are a good fit.You may have questions, and I will need to know more in detail about why you've made the appointment. There will be some paperwork to review and sign. I will need some information for the file
And THEN If you think you'd like to return, we'll talk about goal-setting and what it will look like when therapy is done.

Should I still call you? Your website doesn't really speak to my problems.

Yes! I have studied and spent time with others in therapy conversations about numerous problems and concerns not addressed on this website. So it is very possible I might be able to help. Especially if something on this website has made you wonder “can she and I work together?”-- Please Get in Touch. 
I will gladly provide you with referrals if we don’t have a good fit. 

I have some other questions! 

Then please Get in Touch!
My number is 310-713-3114 
Or email me at:  

Under the No Surprises Act, Good Faith Estimates are provided.

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