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What would you like to know about me?

Therapy style

My style as a therapist is very much informed by the Post Modern theories, especially Narrative Therapy. You can read more about by clicking NarrativeTherapy.

What does this mean to you?

I will never think of you as the problem that is hanging around, or in a diagnostic, labeling way. Instead I will ask a lot about your triumphs, listen with interest and empathy to your concerns, struggle with you to find solutions and celebrate the successes.

Current therapy interests 

Although my practice includes individuals, couples and families with all sorts of concerns, problems, and successes, my current interest is in working with friends, families and partners of transgender individuals. I have come to understand that they are a marginalized, frequently unseen group of individuals who are struggling with ideas of their identity, grief over significant losses and wondering about the past and the future as are their friend, family member or partner.


I have a graduate degree in clinical psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles . 
I also have a graduate degree in Organizational Management, and undergraduate degrees in engineering and psychology. 

California State License

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California – LMFT 41403. 

Work experience

In the 1970's I worked for about a decade at a group home with teenagers who had problems with the law. During the same decade for a few years, I worked with teenagers who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and autism, also in a group home setting. And then ...

While I worked in the Southern California aerospace industry for 24 years, I completed a masters degree in clinical psychology, was a trainee at Antioch University Counseling Center, interned at TeenLine, and interned with a post modern therapist in a private practice before attaining my therapy license. 

I have been seeing clients since 1999.

What would you like to know about me? 

Please ask.

If any of this piques your curiosity, please Get in Touch.

Under the No Surprises Act, Good Faith Estimates are provided.

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