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Are any of these problems hanging around with you? 

  • Grief, Stress, Anxiety

  • Loneliness, Depression, Sadness

  • Concerned about a friend

  • Overwhelmed or stuck in a rut

  • Emotions you aren't sure of

  • Considering a career change

  • Troubled by work or trouble at work

  • Dissatisfaction with your current relationships

  • Unsure of your sexuality or gender

  • Issues related to a gender change of a family member, friend or partner

These problems do not define who you are. 

We can separate you from the problems that disrupt your life by engaging in conversations that will ask a lot about your triumphs, listen with interest and empathy to your concerns, struggle with you to find solutions and celebrate the successes. 

I currently only offer online sessions.

Under the No Surprises Act, Good Faith Estimates are provided.

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